Wasser management

Water storage liners

For water storage purposes TenCate supplies two liners:

TenCate Nicolon C881 water storage liner 

This is a coated reinforced geomembrane, made from a HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) reinforcement geotextile, that is coated at both sides with a LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene).

The main advantages are:

  • it is extremely suitable for liquid storage.
  • its high flexibility allows applications in differently sized complex panels.
  • the installation instructions are delivered in a guide with very precise indications of the place and position of each roll or panel.
  • uv resistant and consequently contact with UV sources like sunlight does not affect the quality.
  • inert to most naturally occuring chemicals.

TenCate Nicolon C119 water storage liner

This is a reinforced HSPO (High Strength Poly Olefin) geomembrane, made from a HT-PET (High Tenacity Polyester) woven fabric, both sides coated with a flexible polyolefin.

The typical advantages are:

  • a very high tearing resistance.
  • excellent mechanical resistance against possible damage
    during and after installation.
  • high UV stability providing for a long term protection against sunlight and other UV sources, that could affect the quality.
  • remains flexible and easy to handle, both in cold and hot working conditions.

(These products were formerly known as 'Nicotarp 100' and 'Nicoflex 600').

Material photo - TenCate TopTex™