Company profile


Technical textiles

TenCate combines textile technologies and basic technologies (such as chemical processes) into material technology in the development and production of functional materials with distinctive characteristics.

PMT combinations

On this technological basis, TenCate develops a range of product-market- technology combinations aimed at growth markets.


The business activities of TenCate are clustered in two main sectors. The Technologies sector (third) combines technologies that will contribute to important innovations for the future of TenCate.

Advanced Textiles & Composites sector, combining the divisions:

  • TenCate Protective Fabrics
  • TenCate Outdoor Fabrics
  • TenCate Advanced Composites
  • TenCate Advanced Armour
Geosynthetics & Grass Sector, combining the divisions:
  • TenCate Geosynthetics
  • TenCate Grass
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)