Company perspective

What TenCate as an entrepreneur stands for


The Executive Board of TenCate plays an active role in directing and managing the company’s operations. Progress in day-to-day practice is constantly being grafted onto the overall company strategy, with the value chain management business model being firmly embedded in the organization and forming part of the management information system. The multinational has a flat organization; lines are short, thus creating a global organization that is flexible and able to respond quickly to change.

High end

The TenCate culture can be defined as open, entrepreneurial and critical, an environment that leads to creativity and renewal – social innovation. The trick is to select the right ideas for further development, insofar as they fit in with the strategy and provided that they have sufficient market potential. Customer demand and market changes play a key role in this. The core words are soundness, demanding specifications, reliability of delivery and high quality products. 

Corporate identity

Radical rebranding has ensured that the company works from a single overall structure of products and brands. This has strengthened the company’s identity, improved its image and safeguarded its good reputation. The market is exposed to this in a positive way, which has a favourable effect on the entire organization (internal branding). Visibility in the market has increased greatly, resulting in recognition of corporate identity, additional business volume and an improved position in the M&A market.

Value creation

Creating shareholder value is the company’s underlying motive. Through an active investor relations (IR) policy, the TenCate management keeps in close touch with numerous stakeholders, such as investors, analysts and existing and potential shareholders.

Product champions

TenCate has a number of product champions which have both a large volume and a relatively high profit margin. And there will be an increasing emphasis on these. This means greater focus, deeper market penetration, dedication to functional characteristics and excellence in marketing, customer focus, delivery performance, R&D, business development, technology, etc.

Overall focus

The key question here is where end-user marketing ends and forward integration begins. The company must avoid bringing or keeping too many of its own brands in the B2B market. Well-known producers of consumer goods are no stranger to this phenomenon either. This requires focus by the company. TenCate and its market groups must endeavour to be and remain unique.

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