Company perspective

The social commitment shown by TenCate


The sustainability policy of TenCate forms an integral part of this age-old company’s struggle for continuity. It is based on the future-oriented vision, mission and strategy of the executive board. At the same time it gives expression to the long-term philosophy and operation of the TenCate group managements and employees, and of its subsidiaries and associated companies worldwide.


The TenCate multinational is aware of the influence of its operation in its social environment. By maintaining the company with the aid of its long-term policy and sustainable profitability, TenCate seeks to help ensure that the social and natural environment will be available for future generations. 


TenCate is constantly integrating sustainability into its company processes and partnerships with the aid of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). As a result, a collective awareness is being created among both internal and external stakeholders. This makes it increasingly possible, together with customers and partners, to establish constructive initiatives that are focused on the responsible deployment of people and of commodities and materials.

Sustainable development

Based on the global trends on which TenCate focuses, numerous underlying themes have emerged that touch upon the protection that TenCate offers people and their environment. In managing the value chain, sustainability aspects emerge to a greater or lesser extent. The ‘technological innovations’ cornerstone is the most striking of these. Only by continuing to achieve groundbreaking technical and technological innovations will the TenCate company’s struggle for continuity be secured and its sustainable development continue to be safeguarded. 


In its business operations and production processes TenCate operates certification and other systems relating to quality, working conditions and the environment (KAM). Currently ecotools are being used to determine the CO2 footprint of all its processes and of virtually all its products worldwide (CSR Achievement ladders, GRI indicators).

Triple P

Over the past few years TenCate has recorded impressive economic achievements and profitability (Profit) with respect to the social side (People) within an ecological framework (Planet). The TenCate product portfolio is ideal for this, in view of the fact that many materials, modules and systems make an inherent contribution to sustainability, such as fuel-saving and recyclable composites, recyclable synthetic turf, various lightweight materials and sustainable geotextiles.


TenCate demonstrates great social commitment. Numerous projects are worldwide being sponsored with materials, knowledge or resources.

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