TenCate as employer

The most important objective of TenCate’s HR policy is to ensure that the needs of the organization and of our employees complement each other as well as possible. In this way we contribute to the implementation of the TenCate strategy. TenCate seeks to share and secure knowledge, always to have the right employee in the right place, with the right experience, at the right time and with the right pay.

Our employees are specialists in their own field with a result and solution-oriented attitude. They are prepared to take on a challenge. They endeavour to make their own division successful in the interests of TenCate as a whole. In order to realize this, our employees are given the opportunity to develop and flourish individually and professionally in a national and international work environment. We provide them with attractive and challenging tasks and responsibilities with room for initiative and creativity.

TenCate worldwide

Own employees Year-end 2011 Year-end 2010
Netherlands and rest of Europe 1,491 1,509
United States 1,604 1,542
Middle East and Asia 1,258 1,220
Total 4,353 3,805



Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)