Multi-purpose use of synthetic turf constructions can be desirable for a number of reasons. For example, when there is limited space available, or various different sports will be played on the same pitch.

Of course financial considerations also play a role in the decision for a multi-purpose sports and playing surface. The difficulty is in choosing a system that offers a good playing surface for all uses.

Ideally every sport is played on a specific, tailor-made synthetic turf playing surface. This kind of system will then obviously not always be suitable for multi-purpose sports surfaces. The kind of sport, the use and the intensity of use, can in this case provide guidance in choosing the right system.

Whatever playing surface is chosen, a multi-purpose synthetic turf pitch is a safe and health-conscious choice especially for children. It replaces dusty and sandy grass pitches and concrete pitches, and prevents painful injuries caused by falling on a hard surface such as a street.

Multisport - Background