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Sediment Pollution Prevention

Sediment Pollution Prevention Cover

Sediment run-off from building and construction sites contaminates and pollutes waterways, clogs drains and contributes to dust and other pollutants. TenCate Mirafi® Silt Fence is a woven material designed to curb and control silt and sediment pollution at construction sites, native waterways and natural areas.

The silt fence is a proven cost-effective way to manage a clean construction environment and prevent the effects of sediment run-off. It effectively functions as a filter to retain and trap sediment particles whilst facilitating the release of rainwater. This results in a significant improvement in air and water quality.

The environmentally friendly TenCate Mirafi® Silt Fence is easy to install with the option of loops provided on the silt fence material.

Product used in sediment pollution prevention:

    1)    TenCate Mirafi® Silt Fence
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)