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Leachate Filtration and Landfill Cover System

Leachate Filtration and Landfill Cover

TenCate Mirafi® FW is a high performance woven geotextile designed to reliably perform filtration and reinforcement functions in waste landfill engineering.

In leachate filtration, studies have shown that optimum filtration requires a filter with opening stability and high permeability, capable of withstanding the effects of diverse leachate concentrations and flow rates. TenCate Mirafi® FW geotextiles are engineered to provide stable and uniform opening sizes to ensure high permeability even under varying load stresses. Inert to biological and microbial clogging, its robust nature ensures a long term filtration performance.

For landfill cover systems, TenCate Mirafi® FW geotextiles keep the soil cover intact and allow infiltrating surface water into the drainage system, thus minimising water getting into the landfill. The superior filtration performance of TenCate Mirafi® FW helps minimise the stresses exerted by the fluid on the lining system, therefore ensuring the long term structural stability of the landfills.

Products used in landfill engineering:

    1)    TenCate Mirafi® FW Geotextile
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)