31 October 2012

TenCate Geotubes help mitigate devastation of Hurricane Sandy

Last year's super-storm, Hurricane Sandy, caused wide spread and long lasting devastation on the United States East Coast. Among states hit hardest include New Jersey and New York. Damage estimates are now around $30 billion and the ferocity of the storm claimed dozens of lives. As Sandy hit its zenith the night of October 29th, Ocean City, NJ witnessed its highest recorded tide-level at 7.25 feet. High tide coupled with the wind and rain produced by Sandy caused significant erosion along the Ocean City beaches. Recently installed Geotubes on the north beaches of Ocean City are credited with preventing the rising tide from flooding into the Ocean City streets. 

The Ocean City newspaper, The Patch, notes that "Geotubes installed as part of a recent dune restoration project were the only thing holding back the pounding surf from the exposed streets on the north end." The tubular containers, buried under massive sand dunes, managed to withstand the pounding waves that struck the North East. While many of the dunes were washed away, the Geotubes remained and lived up to expectations.

TenCate has a long history with shoreline protection.  John Henderson, global director Water & Environment of TenCate, believes the Geotube technology held up during Sandy. "As with many other storm events," says Mr. Henderson "such as Hurricane Isaac early this year, the TenCate Geotube marine technology has proven to be an instrumental part of effective shoreline protection system."

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