LD-203 Report: The Basics

The LD-203 report is a semi-annual report filed by individual federal lobbyists and by their employers.  (Note that in contrast, the LD-2 report is filed only by the employer).  It is due on January 30 and July 30.  On this report, a company must disclose political contributions made during the reporting period to federal candidates or officeholders, leadership PACs, or political party committees registered with the Federal Election Commission, and disbursements to entities and for events related in certain ways to covered officials.  For instance, a filer must report payments to an entity controlled by covered officials (i.e., covered officials form a majority of the board) and events held to honor or recognize a covered official.

Also, the LD-203 report requires someone to certify on behalf of TenCate that the company is familiar with the U.S. House and Senate rules governing gifts and travel, and that the company has not knowingly paid for a gift or travel in violation of those Rules.  To establish due diligence for the company-wide certification, we strongly recommend annual training of individual lobbyists, compliance personnel, and anyone else who interacts even occasionally with federal government officials or supervises employees who have such interactions.  We also recommend use of a survey to inquire of key personnel about gifts and reportable disbursements. Many of our clients use a version of an online survey that we developed for this purpose.

Individual lobbyists must list personal political contributions to federal candidates or officeholders, leadership PACs, and political parties registered with the FEC, as well as other covered disbursements.  Each lobbyist must also certify in his or her own LD-203 report understanding and compliance with House and Senate gift rules.

The LD-203 Report Can be found at online at the Office of Clerk for the U.S. House of Representatives.
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