LD-2 Report: The Basics

The LD-2 report must be filed by TenCate every quarter, on January 20, April 20, July 20, and October 20.  This report lists the subjects and agencies (or houses of Congress) lobbied during the quarter, including specific bills, the names of the TenCate employees who qualify as lobbyists and who lobbied on those matters, and TenCate’s total (i.e., not itemized) expenses for lobbying activities.

Expenses must include salaries and benefits earned during the quarter by any officer or employee, including non-lobbyist employees, who engaged in direct contacts with covered officials or performed work in support of the company’s direct contacts; expenses incurred for lobbying activities, including travel and office overhead; income earned by third parties retained by TenCate to lobby on its behalf or support TenCate lobbying efforts; and payments to trade associations or coalitions that were used in part for lobbying.

Expenses are reported when incurred, not when actually paid, and are rounded to the nearest $10,000.  The LDA requires that a company make a good faith estimate using any reasonable system of recordkeeping.
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