Corporate Citizenship

TenCate in America: A Responsible Corporate Citizen

TenCate strives to make a difference not only in with our materials, but also as a responsible member of our communities. As a multinational company and manufacturer in America, TenCate is aware of the effect our actions can have on the environment and on communities throughout the United States. We strive to make a positive impact in our local and business communities through responsible environmental stewardship and volunteer employee participation. Importantly, TenCate is proud to sponsor organizations and events that give to our communities, as well as support those who serve and protect America.

American Manufacturing Jobs

Updated Employee MapTenCate operates in over 15 locations across 4 states and proudly employs over 1,500 hardworking Americans in our U.S. plants and offices. With Geosynthetics and Protective fabrics facilities in Georgia, Advanced Composites plants in California, Advanced Armor operations in Ohio, and Grass plants in Tennessee we are truly ingrained into our communities across the country. TenCate produces American made solutions for use here in the U.S. and around the globe. As a responsible corporate citizen, TenCate's policy is to create an optimal work environment for our employees. We invest in our employees - last year over 1,000 received technical training courses of management courses.

Giving Back

TenCate is proud to help protect our troops on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. We are also committed to supporting them once they come home. TenCate is proud to be a sponsor of:

TenCate supports these organizations as they assist returning and wounded troops and their families. These organizations are dedicated to relieving the burdens that many of our wounded warriors and their families experience upon their return home. 

Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability

Water Sustainability-resizedEnergy consumption is an issue that demands worldwide attention. TenCate's social responsibility extends to how we treat the environment around us. TenCate is mindful of this and contributes through its actions and technological innovations to the reduction & maximum efficiency of energy consumption. 

TenCate takes its role as the industry leader seriously and that means taking a strong position on protecting the Earth. In response to the increasing awareness of the positive environmental aspects of geosynthetics and geosystems, TenCate Geosynthetics - business unit Water & Environment - has developed the TenCate Geotube® carbon footprint calculator for use with dewatering and breakwater applications.

TenCate continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovative land application systems as featured in Textile World.

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