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TenCate Caldura®  is a leader in thermal barrier fabrics, has a smooth, slick face cloth that allows you to move in and out  of your gear with ease. Utilizing batts blended of DuPont™ Kevlar® and Nomex®, TenCate Caldura® allows you to select the proven protection and performance that best suits the needs of your department. 

Unmatched wickability moves perspiration away from your  body, keeping you drier and more comfortable.

TenCate Caldura® SL2i

  • Comfortable, thin and flexible. 
  • Excellent total heat loss(THL) for greater heat stress relief.

TenCate Caldura® NPi

  • Superior thermal protection (TPP) with a premium face cloth at a good value. 

TenCate Caldura® SL2i and TenCate Caldura® NPi

  • Slick face cloth- for easier donning and doffing
  • Durable- Resistant to snagging, pilling and abrasion
  • Inherently Wicking - Technology moves perspiration away from the body, spreads moisture for improved dissipation, comfort and unmatched wickability.
Download the Data Sheet on TenCate Caldura by visiting here.