Emergency Response


Wildland Firefighting

TenCate understands the rough job wildland firefighters have. 

Wildland firefighters are a different breed. You're more like soldiers battling an unpredictable fast moving enemy in rough, uneven terrain. And you won't quit fighting until the fires are defeated - even if it takes weeks. 

TenCate knows what wildland firefighters need. And we satisfy that need with products that exceed all others in quality, comfort and FR performance. 

TenCate fabrics meet rigorous industry standards as mandated by government specifications for protection, comfort and durability. With 26 issued patents and an additional 53 fabric technology patents pending. TenCate sets the industry pace by creating first-to-market breakthrough solutions based on unmatched scientific expertise.  

Advance Heat and Flame Protection

With fiber blends that incorporate thermally-stable aramid fibers, TenCate wildland fabrics provide an enhanced barrier to absorb radiant heat. Plus, they have the resilience to hold up and keep you protected against continuous exposure to flames and embers. 

Durable Fabric Engineering

Wildland firefighting fabrics provide advance protection from rips, tears, abrasion and almost every kind of wear and tear imaginable. 

Heat and Vapor Transfer Technology

Using precise combinations of moisture-absorbing and moisture-repelling fibers, our high performance fabric move moisture away from the skin, across the fabric surface and into the environment, keeping you comfortable and dry. 

Visit the pages below to learn more about TenCate wildland fabrics and to download data sheets about them.