Army Procurement Officers

TenCate Defense and Tactical is honored and proud to be the sole supplier of flame resistant uniform fabric for the FR-ACU and A2CU programs. When the U.S. Army requested an affordable, durable and comfortable flame resistant fabric – with a high level of burn protection, TenCate rose to the challenge by developing TenCate Defender M.

Although dozens of fabrics were tested, only Defender M was chosen for these programs. In fact, every U.S. ground soldier currently in deployment zones is wearing TenCate Defender M. 

TenCate continues to innovate and improve the performance of its fabrics while remaining aware of the need to be cost effective. Based on Defender M's selection for the FR-ACU and A2CU programs, we believe Defender M provides the highest protection, durability and comfort at its price point. 

It is TenCate Defense and Tactical's goal to be your first thought when facing a FR uniform requirement. Due to our dedication to technology, research and development, we are able to create completely new products or modify existing products to meet any flame resistant uniform need.

Army Military Personnel

TenCate Defense and Tactical THANKS YOU for your service  to our country. 

We are proud to provide the best flame resistant fabric available to your FR-ACU and A2CU programs. Dozens of flame resistant fabrics were tested for these programs and only TenCate's Defender M was selected to protect you. In fact, every U.S. ground soldier currently in deployment zones is wearing TenCate Defender M. 

TenCate flame resistant uniform fabrics are inherently flame resistant. That means your burn protection will NEVER wash or wear out – no matter what your laundering conditions. You are forever 100% burn protected when you wear TenCate fabrics. 

As a worldwide leader in protective fabrics, TenCate is always proud to equip you with the world's finest flame resistant fabric. How do you know if you are wearing a Flame Resistant Army Combat Uniform?By the little green patch on your left sleeve or your left cargo pocket. If the patch is there, rest assured you are protected. 

We will continue to strive to make our flame resistant uniform fabrics even more comfortable and durable in the future. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

And again, thank you for proudly serving and protecting your country.

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