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Tecasafe® Plus stationwear

Comfortable fabric means comfortable stationwear

TenCate Tecasafe® Plus delivers superior protection in a comfortable lightweight fabric. It is NFPA 1975 certified and lasts longer than FR treated fabrics, it is inherently flame resistant. So, the unique FR protection comes built-in and won't wash or wear out. 

TenCate high performance fabrics provide protection, comfort, durability and excellent value. 

  • Inherently flame resistant - FR properties are built in, and won't wash or wear out. Certified to NFPA 1975. 
  • Comfortable to wear - Soft and breathable. Superior moisture management because of special cellulosic fiber content. 
  • Exceptional durability - Outstanding abrasion resistance and better strength retention after multiple commercial washes. 
  • Outstanding laundered appearance - Fabric retains its like-new look and maintains permanent pressed appearance better than other protective fabrics. 
  • Excellent value - Long life cycle and competitive price means lowest cost.