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TenCate Aralite®  thermal barrier fabrics provide vital layer to insulate your body against intense heat. They also feature a comfortable face cloth with excellent wicking properties. TenCate Aralite® provides proven protection and is designed to meet your specific thermal, physical and budgetary requirements.

TenCate Aralite® SL3

  • Good balance of TPP and THL for excellent thermal protection and greater heat stress relief 

TenCate Aralite® NP

  • Lightweight, superior thermal protection at a good value

TenCate Aralite® SL3 and TenCate Aralite® NP

  • Durable-Resistant to snagging, pilling and abrasion
  • Wickwell™ Plus-Technology moves perspiration away from body, spreads moisture for improved dissipation, comfort and unmatched wickability
Download the Data Sheet on TenCate Aralite by visiting here.