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Kombat Flex: Unparalleled Comfort and Durability

For maximum comfort, this outer shell flexes more easily than the competition.

Soft to the touch even before the first wash, one fire academy instructor called TenCate Kombat™ Flex, “The most comfortable outer shell I’ve worn in 40 years of service.” And it doesn’t stop there.  For unparalleled durability in a filament outershell, TenCate Kombat™ Flex proves it’s almost  tougher in laboratory tests than competitive fabrics. Even after thermal exposure,  TenCate Kombat™ Flex beats challenger textiles in strength.

  • Trusted Protection: PBI® and DuPont™ Kevlar® fibers provide excellent FR protection from well-known, trusted brands.
  • Outstanding Performance: Soft and flexible yet still provides excellent tensile and trap tear strength.
  • Maintains Appearance: TenCate Kombat™ Flex retains best-in-class appearance after laundering.
  • Soft, Flexible: Soft hand and flexibility means ease of movement in ergonomic design.
Download the TenCate Kombat Flex Data Sheet by visiting here.