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Find the TenCate Twins and Win

FDIC 2013 TenCate TwinsFor the eagle-eyed firefighters among the crowds at FDIC 2013, spot the TenCate Twins and win!

Just look for the pair that matches in TenCate blue (and maybe a little orange). You'll find them wandering the showroom floor throughout FDIC 2013 in Indianapolis from April 25 to 27. Go up to them and simply say, "Alotta TenCate."

Not sure how to say it? It's pronounced, "a-lot-ta tin-ka-ta." (Don't worry if you don't quite get it right; you'll still win!)

One of the dynamic duo will hand you a pass to head straight to booth #723, where you'll not only see the best in outer shells and thermal barrier fabrics, but you'll receive a very special prize for spotting one of the prize-winning pairs.

Why the TenCate Twins?

Composite systems provide the three-layer protection in turnouts. TenCate manufactures the fabrics for two of those layers: Outer shells and thermal barriers.

TenCate Millenia™ XTL is our most innovative, lightweight outer shell. Millenia XTL has all the strength and thermal protection of its 7.5-ounce counterpart but in a 6.0-ounce per square yard fabric that uses a unique blend of para-aramid and PBO fibers, resisting tears and abrasions.

TenCate also offers Advance Ultra®, a 7.5-ounce rip-stop weave with a blend of DuPont™ Kevlar® and Nomex® along with PBO to provide extra strong performance at value pricing.

When it comes to thermal barriers, TenCate Defender® M SL2 or Quantum3D SL2i. Both have inherent wicking, slick facecloths for greater comfort and ease of donning and doffing with an excellent balance of thermal protection and total heat loss.

Finding TenCate at FDIC 2013

TenCate can be found at booth #723 in the Indiana Convention Center. A few main aisles can be found (highlighted below) to take you directly to the TenCate booth. Just keep an eye out for the TenCate tower.

FDIC 2013 Map to TenCate Booth

1. Remember the phrase: "Alotta TenCate" (a-lot-ta/tin-ka-ta).
2. Keep your eagle eyes hunting the aisles for the set of TenCate Twins wandering through the showroom floor during show hours.
3. Go up and say "hi," "hello," "howdy," "what's up?" or perhaps some other creative greeting, followed by the phrase, "Alotta TenCate." 
4. You'll get a special "prize ticket" to come by the TenCate booth in the Indiana Convention Center.
5. Visit TenCate booth #723. You'll receive one of three special prizes!

While at TenCate booth #723, be sure to check out Millenia XTL, the lightest weight outer shell fabric available. At 6 ounces per square yard, TenCate blends PBO and para-aramid to create toughness that endures multiple thermal exposures. Also see TenCate Quantum 3Di and Defender M thermal barriers that provide a good balance of TPP and THL while also giving great glide for donning and excellent moisture wicking for comfort.

To be eligible in the "Find the TenCate Twins and Win," participants must be 18 years old or older and be a normal attendee at the FDIC 2013 show with a valid entry to the show. Winners should be a member of a fire department or a spouse of a firefighter (FYI, children won't go home empty handed). Exhibitors, FDIC employees, ICC/LOS employees or an agent or employed (even temporarily) by any of the above are not eligible unless designated otherwise. only eligible to win once during the entire show. TenCate must scan your badge and TenCate has the right to ask for a photo ID to make sure the information on the badge matches with your ID. The value of the prize is less than $50. Your participation does not imply or indicate any endorsement of TenCate products. By participating in this contest, you agree to allow TenCate to send you follow-up communication, which you can opt out of at any time.