Multi-Risk Protection

In just three years since it was in troduced to the North American market, Tecasafe® Plus with Coolderm Technology passed its seven-million-yard milestone in global sales. The reasons for its rapid acceptance in the market are clear. Engineered as a more durable and comfortable alternative to existing industrial flame-resistant fabrics, Tecasafe® Plus provokes superior electric arc and flash fire protection. And because this flame-resistance is inherent in the fabric, it won’t wash or wear out.

In addition, Tecasafe® Plus is extremely comfortable. Its cellulosic fibers make the fabric cool and breathable, thanks to its special cellulosic fiber content. It has superior abrasion resistance and is highly colorfast, retaining its strength, shape, and color even after multiple industrial launderings. The Tecasafe® Plus long lifecycle, combined with its competitive cost, creates exceptional value in flame resistant garment.

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