TenCate Monoslide™ Pro with XQ™ technology

The Turf That Exceeds Expectations, Not Budgets

If money were no object, finding a high-performance soccer turf would be no problem.  But, these days, money is always an object.  Clients demand more for less.  With TenCate Monoslide™ Pro, you can give them not just more, but more than they expect!

Times like these demand turf like this.

For years, when it came to sports turf, affordability was mutually exclusive with attributes like playability, resilience, and durability.  But innovative technology has a way of changing things.  In this case, it changes everything.

For starters, Monoslide Pro is remarkably playable.  With great feel to players, consistent ball roll, and reduced glare through dispersed light reflection.  It's resilient.  The monofilament blades are designed to return to an upright position longer than other monofilaments when trampled.  So the field retains its great look and playability.  And it's durable.  The turf resists matting in excessive play, making it perfect for fields that see a lot of action.  Which makes it even more of a value.

In the TenCate tradition of turf technology.

Monoslide Pro promises plenty.  What keeps those from being empty promises is the company behind it.  TenCate has an unparalleled tradition in the industry.  Our decades of leadership in polymer technology innovation have spawned an exciting new generation of turfs that exceed anything previously possible.  Regardless of budget.

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