TenCate™ Geotube®

Protecting People for Decades

 "The only thing holding back the pounding surf" - Ocean City Patch

Ocean City Aerial Shot



TenCate™ Geotube® containers are constructed from a specially designed textile material that is durable and stands the test of time. Filled with Sand, Geotube® units can be used to create land barriers to prevent ocean surf from reaching shorelines, or buried at the coast to break and minimize storm surges. 

Beach Haven exposed Geotube Image


Geotube® containers have been installed in numerous coastal projects in New York & New Jersey.  Geotube® Protection Technology is credited with performing as designed and protecting portions of Ocean City, NJ that would have otherwise significantly impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  Additional areas protected by Geotube® containers are in use in artificial shorelines, barrier islands and beach structures.  These all provided significant protection during Hurricane Sandy.

Geotube Installation Diagram

Environmentally Friendly

TenCate™ Geotube® containers are a low risk way to preserve the coastline in many areas and mitigate future storm damage. Geotube® containers are easily hidden from view and are typically integrated into the natural landscape. Geotube® units do not impact the existing environment and they can be removed or changed without leaving a trace.

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Cost Effective

Geotube® protection technology costs are minimal compared to the costs of damage repair and clean up caused by storm surges and flooding.  TenCate™ works to supply and support local contractors who set up, install, and maintain these solutions and to provide any needed repairs and maintenance. 

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