Geotube® Marine Structures


There are several acceptable installation methods for TenCate Geotube® geocontainment technology:

  1. Dredge Method  --  This is the most common method of filling TenCate Geotube® units. 
  2. Alternative Pumping Methods  --  Pumping methods can be modified to compy with local permits or site limitations.
  3. Hopper Method  --  When fill material is not available at the project site, sand can be imported and filled using the hopper method.
  4. Hand Dredge Method  --  In situations where large pumping equipment is not available, small hand-held equipment can be used for filling TenCate Geotube® containers. 
  5. Dry Fill Method  -- This method involves mechanical means of filling TenCate Geocontainer® units
Marine Structures