Lake Sinissippi, Wisconsin


Product:         Geotube® Marine Structures Technology

Application:   Wetlands Creation

Location:       Lake Sinissippi, Wisconsin

Installation:   2006


The Challenge:

This wildlife habitat needed to address multiple issues:  declining water quality, invasive carp, and loss of riparian wetlands. 

The Solution:

The Lake District selected Geotube® marine containment technology for a pilot project for their lake improvement efforts.  A structure of two overlapping 30' circumference Geotube® units was installed in a straight line across the mouth of a 24-acre embayment [photo 2].  It was positioned to serve as a breakwater / erosion berm and to restore the wetlands area for native plants and waterfowl.

Almost 3,000 cubic yards of sand/silt sediment was removed from the lake to create the berm.  The height of the Geotube® structure was approximately 5' tall with only one foot extending above the water's surface.  After the tubes were filled, additional slurry mixture was pumped behind the Geotube® line to create the berm and establish a wildlife habitat.  Finally, submerged and emergent varieties of pond reed, white water lily, and hard and soft stem bulrush plants were planted in the bay area.

The Results:

This wetlands project proved very successful.  The wetland area behind the berm is now completely rehabilitated with natural flora taking hold.  It is now common to see a variety of birds and wildlife enjoying the Geotube® structure [photo 4].  And the Geotube® units remained in place despite the harsh Wisconsin winters and heaves of ice sheets [photo 6].

The Lake District was thrilled with this pilot project.  The group plans to use Geotube® marine technology again for similar projects.