Battery Island, North Carolina


Product:         Geotube® Marine Structures Technology

Application:   Wetlands Creation

Location:       Battery Island, North Carolina

Installation:   2001


The Challenge:

Heavy ship traffic on the Cape Fear River leading to the port of Wilmington was causing servere erosion to Battery Island.  A solution was needed to provide shoreline protection of the wetlands areas of the island.

The Solution:

Geotube® marine containment technology was selected for use in this shoreline project.  5,000 linear feet of Geotube® containers were installed.  The containers were placed 100 feet from the shoreline to create the necessary erosion protection [photo 2].  Sand was pumped into the annular space between the Geotube® units and the original shoreline to create the new wetlands area [photo 3].

The Results:

The project was a success in protecting the island's shoreline.  This Geotube® project received the EPA Environmental Award for Beneficial Use of New Technology [photo 5].