Twielenfleth, Germany

Twielenfleth, Germany


Product:         Geotube® Marine Structures Technology

Application:   Underwater Structures

Location:       Twielenfleth, Germany

Installation:   1998-1999


The Challenge:

An alternative method of construction for underwater structures was desired.  This would provide an option to the use of costly rock.

The Solution:

Geotube® marine containment technology was used for this underwater structure project in the Elbe River of Germany.  Geocontainer® units were utilized to contain dredge spoils in a disposal facility.  During a six month period, more than 600 Geocontainer® units were used to secure 660+ cubic meters of dredged river sand and silt.  Two split-bottom barges deployed the filled containers [photos 4-6].

The Results:

This was an economically attractive construction method utilizing the dredged river materials for the construction of the sill, which would otherwise have been built using costly rock materials.  The technique produced effective, long-standing structures.