Underwater Structures

Containment Systems That Can Be Dropped In Place

Another aspect of TenCate Geotube® containment technology is the TenCate Geocontainer® unit, which is specially designed to be filled before being placed in the water.  Special split bottom barges are used to fill the containers, which are sewn shut once filled, then reinforced with rope ties.

When the barge moves to the proper position, the bottom opens and the container slides through and settles to the bottom.  Containers can be placed in position with a high degree of accuracy.

TenCate Geocontainer® units used for underwater structures can create dikes, close openings, contain dredge spoils or other materials, or change water and wave action.

For additional information on the use of TenCate Geotube® containment technology for an Underwater Structures application, please contact your TenCate Market Manager.  They will be glad to discuss your next containment project.