Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


Product:         Geotube® Marine Structures Technology

Application:   Sand Dune Cores

Location:       Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Installation:   2005


The Challenge:

The Florida panhandle region suffered heavy damages from Hurricane Ivan in September 2004.  The storm generated serious dune erosion in Walton County, Florida.  Homeowners faced a critical threat as further erosion would undermine their properties.

The Solution:

Geotube® marine containment technology was selected to rebuild the beach.  The Gulf Coast Homeowners' Association installed Geotube® containers to protect up to twelve beachfront properties along approximately 1,000 feet of shoreline [photos 3-4].

Scour aprons were used to protect the Geotube® units and to allow for a more gradual beach gradient [photo 2].  Sand was trucked to the site, and the Geotube® containers were filled with a sand slurry mixture.  The 30' circumference units were stacked two high in order to reach the design height of the artificial dune structure [photo 5].

The Geotube® containers were completely buried, contributing to a gentle sloping shoreline and natural appearance [photos 6-7].

The Results:

The Geotube® installation has been successful.  It has survived several tropical storms since 2006.