Santa Maria, California


Product:         Geotube® Marine Structures Technology

Application:   Sand Dune Cores

Location:       Santa Maria, California

Installation:   1997


The Challenge:

Shoreline protection from further erosion was needed during El Nino storms.

The Solution:

Geotube® marine containment technology was used for the shoreline project on the California coast.  The project began with Geobag® units being placed in open dump truck beds [photo 2].  Each container was dry filled with sand from a hopper [photo 3], closed off, and then lifted by a crane into position at the top of the ocean bluff above the eroded slope [photos 4-5].

The Results:

Natural erosion caused the Geobag® containers to fall to the waterline, where they prevented further erosion and damage [photo 6].

Rehabilitating and protecting coastline of Grand Isle