Red Eye Crossing, Louisana


Product:         Geotube® Marine Structures Technology

Application:   Diversion Dikes

Location:       Red Eye Crossing, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Installation:   1994


The Challenge:

Heavy silt deposits and sediment build-up in the Mississippi River can disrupt shipping channels and deep water, oceangoing vessels.  The Red Eye Crossing area of the River, a frequent trouble zone just south of Baton Rouge, suffered from deposit sediment problems.  The Corps of Engineers often dredges the channel to insure it is deep enough.  A plan of action was needed to reduce silt buildup in the shipping channel and also reduce dredging costs for this area.

The Solution:

Geotube® marine containment technology was selected for this diversion dike project.  The purpose of the dikes at Red Eye Crossing was to narrow (contract) the channel to a width where the river flow would prevent sediment from dropping out of suspension and to reduce dredging in the area.

38,000 Geobag® units were mechanically filled with dredged river sand using the hopper method [photo 2].  These bags were placed at a depth up to 66 feet [photos 3-4].  Additionally, 550 Geocontainer® units were used in the construction of underwater dikes.  These containers were filled with 500 cubic yards of dry sand [photos 5-6].  They were sewn closed by hand-held equipment.  The units were then deployed through the bottom of a split-hull barge [photo 7].  A total of six structures were constructed for sedimentation control.

The Results:

The series of diversion dikes effectly narrowed the River, increasing velocity and dramatically reducing silt dropout and the need for constant channel dredging [photo 8].  This was a good example of successful engineered channel improvement.