Diversion Dikes

Reduced Silt Build-up and Dredging Costs

Dikes have been used in multiple river projects all over the world for modifying flow patterns in rivers offering a solution to a variety of sedimentation problems such as improvement in flow pattern, reduced silt buildup in a shipping channel, and bank protection against erosion.  TenCate Geotube® geocontainment technology has been used to construct diversion dikes to effectively narrow a river to increase velocity, dramatically reducing silt dropout and the need for constant dredging.  That also reduces the recurring costs of dredging.

Diversion dikes can also be used for channel realignment projects.  This is often needed when an existing channel experiences excessive sedimentation, which can be reduced by relocating the channel to naturally available nearby deep water.  By realigning the channel, no maintenance dredging will be required.  Additionally, TenCate Geotube® geocontainment technology is practical for containing dredged sand to clear a harbor.

For additional information on the use of TenCate Geotube® geocontainment technology for a Diversion Dike application, please contact your TenCate Market Manager.  They will be glad to discuss your next containment project.