Changing Water's Force From Bad To Good

Wave action has long been a problem for many beach communities, as it can erode beaches or place sand where it is not needed.  To address this, TenCate Geotube® containment technology has been used at locations around the world to protect and enhance beachfronts.

TenCate Geotube® containers can be strategically placed offshore in areas where wave action is causing damage.  The units disrupt water flow and waves, and the size and location of the structures can be engineered so as to encourage beach replenishment by the altered waves now reaching the beach.  Many communities have added yards of shoreline with the simple, inexpensive installation of TenCate Geotube® technology installed offshore.

By using TenCate Geotube® technology to change wave patterns, millions of dollars have been saved in reduced property damage or expense for renourishing beaches.

For additional information on the use of TenCate Geotube® containment technology for a Breakwater application, please contact your TenCate Market Manager.  They will be glad to discuss your next containment project.