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TenCate Permatron® and TenCate Nicolon® industrial fabrics deliver solutions with the highest level of consistent quality to our customers around the globe for Recreational Markets.  Our TenCate Permatron® trampoline and netting fabric is the world leader.  Our TenCate Nicolon® pool cover and skimmer fabric and our TenCate Nicolon® tennis windscreen are all highly effective, durable, and aesthetically-pleasing products.  From our complete product line for the Recreational Market, we offer materials that provide solutions to other markets, such as trampoline fabric for hurricane barriers; pool cover fabric for cattle duster bags, irrigation filters, and truck covers; and tennis windscreens for privacy screening, visual barriers, and crowd control fencing.  For more information please contact us.

TenCate Permatron® and TenCate Nicolon® industrial fabrics recreational market products that make a difference.

TenCate Nicolon® Pool Cover Fabric

TenCate Nicolon® pool cover fabric is made of lightweight, durable woven polypropylene mesh fabric.  It has a high shade density that significantly reduces the growth of algae.  Providing maximum strength and dimensional stability, this product is available in many colors, widths, and constructions, and is UV resistant, chemical resistant, and resistant to water absorption.  Found not only in pool covers, this fabric is also used widely in cattle duster bags, irrigation filters, and truck covers.  The finishing treatments used on TenCate Nicolon® pool cover fabric guarantees quality, consistency, and an attractive appearance.

The difference TenCate Nicolon® pool cover fabric makes:

  • Durable and long lasting
  • Non-absorbent
  • Chemical resistant
  • Reduces the growth of algae


  • Pool covers
  • Cattle duster bags
  • Irrigation filters
  • Truck covers

TenCate Nicolon® pool cover fabric…industrial fabrics that make a difference.

TenCate Permatron® Trampoline Fabric

TenCate Permatron® trampoline fabric is the number one choice for trampoline mat fabric around the world based on quality, performance, durability, and value.  This consistent, high quality fabric has a smooth surface that adds extra comfort for the highest level of customer satisfaction.  Made of polypropylene and loaded with carbon, this woven fabric has high tensile strength, excellent UV protection, and is resistant to mildew and water.  The fibers are thermally interlocked to provide a smoother, stabilized surface that can withstand constant flexing and stress.  However, this material does not stretch; instead, it cushions joints while providing a firm and stable surface.  Always returning to its flat position, TenCate Permatron® trampoline fabric does not crease or fold.

This fabric can be tailored to meet custom design requirements, and it ships in many roll sizes, from 100 to 1,000 linear yards in length up to 165 inches width.  It is also shrink-wrapped for added protection.   TenCate Permatron® trampoline fabric is manufactured in an ISO-certified facility, guaranteeing the highest quality fabric on the market.    

Due to its durability and strength, TenCate Permatron® trampoline fabric performs in the harshest environmental conditions, serving as barriers during hurricanes.

The difference TenCate Permatron® trampoline fabric makes:

  • Leads the market in the highest quality, performance, durability, and value
  • Offers extra comfort with its smooth surface
  • Resists mildew/water and provides excellent UV protection
  • Does not stretch, crease, or fold
  • Maintains high strength in the toughest conditions
  • Can be custom designed and available in a variety of sizes


  • Trampolines
  • Exercise rebounders
  • Exercise joggers
  • Catamarans
  • Hurricane barriers

TenCate Permatron® trampoline fabric…industrial fabrics that make a difference.

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