Industrial Fabrics


TenCate Nicolon® industrial fabrics deliver solutions that perform under extreme conditions.  From our complete product line for the Transportation/Construction Market, we offer materials that provide solutions for covering and transporting heavy loads, protecting building projects, and containing materials that could be affected by dust, fumes, debris, or weather.  For more information please contact us.

TenCate Nicolon® industrial fabrics transportation/construction market products that make a difference.

TenCate Nicolon® Construction Containment Fabric

TenCate Nicolon® construction containment fabric protects new construction sites as well as restoration projects, and can be used in sandblasting and industrial painting.  With its smooth surface and air-permeable porous construction, this white closely-woven polypropylene mesh fabric is flame retardant, almost waterproof, and capable of capturing and containing dust particles and debris.  It also makes ventilation possible when painting, as it vents fumes away and allows for dispersement of excess air and pressure.

The difference TenCate Nicolon® construction containment fabric makes:

  • Protection from dust particles, wind-driven rain, fumes, and debris
  • Optimum ventilation
  • Mildew and rot resistant
  • Contains dust particles and debris


  • Sand blasting
  • Construction
  • Painting

TenCate Nicolon® construction containment fabric…industrial fabrics that make a difference.

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