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Hurricane Barrier

TenCate Nicolon® Hurricane Barrier fabric is a woven polypropylene textile capable of absorbing the impact from wind driven debris. Hurricane Barrier fabric is the primary component of a system to provide protection against hurricane force winds, rain and airborne debris. A Hurricane Barrier fabric system can be deployed and installed rapidly. It is lightweight, flexible and easily stored when not in use yet strong enough to stop a wooden 2 x 4 when fired from a test cannon. Hurricane Barrier fabric allows shaded visibility through the system and is UV, corrosion and rot resistant. Several color combinations available assure an aesthetically pleasing benefit and meets Dade County, FL building standards for impact protection.

The Difference Nicolon® Hurricane Barrier Fabrics Make:
• Lightweight
• Durable
• Mildew & rot resistant
• Non-absorbent
• High tensile strength
• UV resistant
• Chemical resistant

TenCate Nicolon® industrial fabrics hurricane barrier products that make a difference.
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