Geotube® Dewatering Technology

Supporting Technologies

WaterSolve LLC

WaterSolve LLC provides a full service solution in dewatering operations by combining highly technical environmental remediation treatment products and services for customized client solutions.  This full service concept has given WaterSolve a national reputation as a leader in dewatering operations. WaterSolve’s Chemical Control & Tracking System (CCTS) is designed and built to efficiently feed chemicals for dewatering applications.  The system optimizes the application of chemical by automatically adjusting the feed rates based on variations in slurry line flow rate and in-line solids concentration. The system also provides documentation and tracking of several applicable parameters. For a brochure about the CCTS system, please click here.  The professional staff of engineers and technicians at WaterSolve work with clients from project concept through completion and tailor the solution to meet the client’s project objectives. This objective upholds WaterSolve’s higher purpose to help the environment and sustain one of Earth’s greatest resources…water! 

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Smartfeed® Chemical Conditioning Systems

Each SmartFeed® application uses laboratory test methods to custom-tailor a chemical conditioning program to the slurry or sludge at a project site.

Your project's real world processing conditions are measured by SmartFeed®. The SmartFeed® system tests flow, density, percent solids, pH and conductivity every 15 seconds, ensuring your slurry receives the proper dosing. Water discharge is tested in real time for pH, TSS , Ntus & PAHs to ensure project permits are met and supported by electronic records.

Smartfeed® provides printable mass-balance reports for each TenCate Geotube® in your project. These reports show total flow and dry mass for comparisons against laboratory test projections of tube area used, chemical program usage rate and water quality during full-scale operations.

The SmartFeed® system was built to serve projects where performance cannot be sacrificed. SmartFeed is a best management practices (BMP) tool to reduce stakeholder concerns on project performance, and contributes to the overall improvement of project quality.


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