Software Analysis

TenCate provides design and technical assistance to owners, engineers, contractors, and customers to insure that each and every Geotube®  project is successful for the customer. 

TenCate offers support for all TenCate Geotube® projects with four proprietary software programs:  TenCate Geotube® Simulator, TenCate Geotube® Estimator, TenCate Geotube® Illustrator, and TenCate Geotube® Stacking Analyzer.  These programs provide preliminary output data to insure proper groundwork for dewatering (and shoreline protection) projects.  All of the TenCate Geotube® software programs have both Metric and English input and output capabilities.  Sample outputs are shown at the right.

  1. TenCate Geotube® Simulator software provides the dimensions, stresses, and fill volumes for specific circumferences and heights of TenCate Geotube® units. This program creates a scale dimensional cross section image for any given TenCate Geotube® circumference and height.
  2. TenCate Geotube® Estimator software calculates the length of the Geotube® units required for any dewatering project where the volume or known flow are provided.  Dewatered volumes, number of pumping days, and dry tons are also part of the output data.
  3. TenCate Geotube® Illustrator software looks at the defined footprint of a project and combines it with the volume of material to be dewatered.  Then it calculates the number of Geotube® units needed, number of stacked layers, and amount of filtration fabric required to complete the project.
  4. TenCate Geotube® Stacking Analyzer software identifies the maximum stresses on the Geotube® units at the critical locations for a variety of the stacking alternatives.

Please contact your TenCate Market Manager for more information about these in-depth, convenient -- and cost saving -- TenCate Geotube® software programs.