After the dewatering process is complete, the retained solids can have one of several acceptable destinations, according to the nature of the material and federal, state, and local regulations.  Secure approval from a local regulatory agency before any disposal operations.

Removal to an Approved Landfill

  1. Once the dewatered material has reached the desired percent solids, cut open the top of the TenCate Geotube® unit(s) with a box cutter and fold back the textile.
  2. Using a front end loader or excavator, load the dewatered material into a proper dump truck that can deliver the material to the landfill.
  3. Care should be taken to insure that the dewatered material passes the paint filter test.  This allows dewatered material to be transported to an approved landfill.

TenCate Geotube® MDS units can be hauled off intact to a solid waste facility.  Click here to download our TenCate Geotube® MDS brochure.