Polymer System

Once the optimal chemical and dosage has been determined for a dewatering project, it is now time to set up the polymer feed system.  (Note:  If you have not completed Steps 1-3, please click here.)

TenCate recommends that you consult with a professional polymer supplier to conduct the bench tests to determine the optimum products and dosages.  Likewise, if you are not familiar with setting up the polymer mixing and injection system, consult with your polymer supplier for assistance.  Click here to see a flow diagram of a simple polymer make down system used to mix chemicals into a dewatering project.

Step 4:   Calculate the size of polymer feed pump.  The selection of your feed pump is a very important step in setting up a successful, efficient system.  There are two options for calculating the size of polymer feed pump needed for your sludge dewatering project.  These are:

  • Option 1:   Polymer is made down into solution in an aging tank and injected into sludge line.  [Note:  This is a batch process and will require polymer solution holding tanks on site.]

  • Option 2:   Polymer will be made down into solution in line and injected into the sludge feed line.

Step 5:   Start up

Step 6:   Calibration of the pump