Pulp & Paper Applications

Specific Applications within the Pulp & Paper Industry

TenCate Geotube® dewatering technology can be used for the following applications within the Pulp & Paper Industry:

  • Lagoon Cleanout:   Improves environmental operation, eliminates the need for high capital expenditure of a new lagoon, and ensures EPA / DNR compliance.
  • Fly Ash:   A fast containment dewatering storage system with high solids concentration.
  • Alum Sludge:   Dewatered and stored for potential use or disposal.
  • Back-Up:   Serves as a back-up to existing mechanical dewatering system. 
  • Routine Maintenance:   Perform routine maintenance on mechanical waste dewatering system during normal operations -- instead of during mill outages -- saving key personnel and high cost.
  • Increased Capacity:   Ability to increase mill capacity without capital expenditure of waste handling or treatment system.
  • Contaminated Sediments:   Contained and dewatered without concern about air transmission, filtrate, or increased contamination of surrounding area.
  • Continuous Systems:   This includes clarifier, sentrate, and process waste stream.
  • Process Rejects:   These rejects are dewatered and stored for future use or disposal.
  • Dikes:   Used with dikes that need building, reinforcement, or increasing heights.
  • Lagoon Structures:   Used to ensure circulation, to change size, shape, or flows.
  • Emergency Process Uses:   Perfect for cleanout of systems (without overloading treatment system), spill cleanups, and dumps, or to ensure staying within discharge limits.
  • Fuel Source of Waste:   Effective and efficient method allows dried residue to be burned or mixed with other material and burned as fuel. 
  • Disposed of Waste in Landfill:   High solids with scheduled timing to optimize operations cost and cash flow.