Northern Michigan Lagoon


Product:         Geotube® Dewatering Technology

Application:   Pulp & Paper

Location:       Michigan


The Challenge:

The pulp and paper mill needed to remove 170,000 cubic yards of anaerobic sludge for their primary Activated Sludge Basin (ASB) -- all without interrupting the mill operations. 

The Solution:

The sludge was dredged from the ASB lagoon at a rate of 2,800 gpm with a cutter head dredge into 30,000 linear feet of 60' circumference GT500 Geotube® dewatering containers.  The sludge material was contained and dewatered in the Geotube® units within a landfill site built on the paper mill's property.

The Results:

The dewatering operation was conducted in four phases over a two-year period with a dewatered material average of 45.7% solids.