Lake Utopia


Product:         Geotube® Dewatering Technology

Application:   Pulp & Paper

Location:       St. George, New Brunswick, Canada


The Challenge:

The black liquor sludge lagoon at the plant was full, and it was about to overflow into the adjacent river [photo 1].  An immediate lowering of the sludge level was required.       

The Solution:

This urgent situation was addressed with the use of Geotube® Dewatering Technology.  The project involved 1,400 linear feet of GT500 Geotube® dewatering containers (45' circumference x 60' long) to contain and dewater the solids dredged from the lagoon.  The containers were positioned in an existing on-site landfill for dewatering.  The pumping and dewatering continued uninterrupted during all types of weather at the clean-up site.

The Results:

In less than seven days, 19,800 cubic yards of sludge were removed from the lagoon.  The sludge dewatered to greater than 50% solids after a three-month period [photo 5].  The Geotube® units remained permanently in the landfill space.