Coal-Fired Utility, NC


Product:         Geotube® Dewatering Technology

Application:   Power & Utility

Location:       North Carolina


The Challenge:

A coal-fired utility wanted to increase the capacity of their existing ash lagoons with minimal investment.  

The Solution:

Geotube® dewatering technology was implemented and provided the utility with two benefits.  Not only did this allow for dewatering of the ash lagoons' material, but the filled Geotube® units were then used to build up the sides of the lagoons increasing the height of the containment structures for increased capacity of the ash ponds.

The Results:

By using Geotube® dewatering technology, the solids increased from 22.5% to 66% in the first 30 days.  The filled Geotube® containers were curved to fit the contours of the designated area [photo 2].  The resulting raised berms were credited with lengthening the lagoon life by at least two years.

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