Sewage Treatment Plant


Product:         Geotube® Dewatering Technology

Application:   Municipal

Location:       New Orleans

Installation:   2002


The Challenge:

The primary digesters of the New Orleans sewage treatment plant were full [photo 1].  This caused raw sewage to seep into the final clarifiers.

The Solution:

Geotube® dewatering containers were implemented to provide high volume dewatering capabilities at a low cost -- all without hindering the continuous processes of the treatment plant [photo 2].

The contractor installed several Geotube® containers (sized 90' circumference x 270' long) to dewater the sludge collected from the bottom of the primary digesters.  During the process, polymer was injected into the line coming from the digesters before the sludge material reached the Geotube® containers [photo 3].

The Geotube® units were pumped to a height of 8 feet and allowed to dewater to a level of 4 feet high.  That process was then repeated several times.  When pumped to the full height of 8 feet, the units contained 10 cubic yards per linear foot of waste.

The Results:

The incoming sludge was approximately five percent solids and dewatered to an average of 30% solids with the Geotube® units.