Septage Receiving Station


Product:         Geotube® Dewatering Technology

Application:   Municipal

Location:       Rio Das Ostras, Brazil


The Challenge:

Since this resort community triples in population during the holiday season, the town experienced an immediate 3-fold increase to handle septage dewatering at its local wastewater treatment facility.  Aside from this emergency situation, the community needed a long-term solution for handling this waste volume.

The Solution:

A Geotube® dewatering operation was constructed at the wastewater treatment plant [photo 1].  In addition, a much larger septage receiving station was constructed at the county landfill, where Geotube® dewatering units were used to dewater septage and landfill leachate.  

The dewatering of the septage materials involved a 3-step process.  First, the septage material was collected into a homogenization cell, where it was combined with leachate from the landfill [photo 2].  Next, polymer was added to the waste mixture using an in-line mixing system between the waste cell and the Geotube® units [photo 3].  The final slurry mixture was then pumped into 60' circumference x 200' long Geotube® units for dewatering [photo 4].

The Results:

The effluent water from this dewatering effort was clean enough to discharge through a reed bed to native waterways [photo 5].  The community achieved the water treatment capacity needed to handle population spikes during the holiday season.