Rural Wastewater Treatment Plant (MDS)


Product:         Geotube® Dewatering Technology

Application:   Municipal


The Challenge:

A rural community was faced with limited space and resources at their local wastewater treatment plant.  They needed a low-cost, low-labor dewatering and removal system for small volumes of biosolids.

The Solution:

The Geotube® MDS mobile dewatering system proved to be a perfect fit for this community [photo 1].  Geotube® MDS was implemented to provide a simple, mobile method for small volume sludge dewatering and removal [photo 2]. 

A Geotube® unit was placed in a standard 30 cubic yard roll-off container.  The installation was quick and easy.  Wooden pallets were placed underneath the unit to enhance drainage and provide a reservoir for effluent [photo 3].  The Geotube® unit was equipped with the factory-installed GP-4 filling port connection [photo 4].  This allowed for the use of standard plumbing fittings.

The Results:

This mobile dewatering system worked well and required no secondary handling of the solids.  Once the containment and dewatering was complete, the roll-off container was removed.  The waste materials were taken to a landfill, unloaded, and dumped for disposal [photo 8].