Prince Albert National Park, Canada


Product:         Geotube® Dewatering Technology

Application:   Municipal

Location:       Canada

Installation:   2001


The Challenge:

Two sewage oxidation lagoons at the National Park had filled with solids over a 20-year period.  This resulted in an unpleasant odor and a danger of undigested sludge overflowing and polluting the natural surroundings.

The Solution:

This situation was addressed with Geotube® dewatering technology.  1,600 linear feet of Geotube® containers were used to remove 15,000 cubic yards of sludge.  Each dewatering unit (45' circumference x 200' long) was deployed atop the berms surrounding the sewage oxidation lagoons [photos 1-2].  The Geotube® units were placed end-to-end and were sufficiently flexible to follow the curvature of the top of the lagoon berms [photo 3].

Each Geotube® unit was secured and stabilized during the inital pumping stage to maintain the alignment [photo 4].  The units were pumped to the 5.5 foot design height and allowed to dewater [photo 5].