Port Perry


Product:         Geotube® Dewatering Technology

Application:   Municipal

Location:       Port Perry, Ontario


The Challenge:

The Nonquon River Water Pollution Control Plant needed to remove 26,000 cubic meters of biosolids from its municipal lagoon [photo 1].

The Solution:

Geotube® dewatering technology was selected over land application.  A series of 45' circumference x 200' long Geotube® containers were used for this project [photo 2].

As the project began, a pre-screening unit was used to remove reeds from the lagoon prior to pumping the sludge [photo 3].  Next solids were bladed to one end of the lagoon where they were agitated and pumped to the Geotube® units [photo 4].  A polymer solution storage tank was brought on site [photo 5].  An intermediate equalization tank was used to produce more homogenized sludge which improved the effectiveness and efficiency of the chemical conditioning for better water release [photo 6].  In addition, a splitter box was designed to manage the flow of conditioned sludge to multiple Geotube® units [photo 7]. 

The Results:

The Geotube® dewatering process worked very well.  Solids dewatered to 44% within 60 days [photo 8].  The resulting cost savings was $15 per cubic meter, when compared to land application.  And the project received an Award of Excellence from the Water Environment Association of Ontario.