Jekyll Island


Product:         Geotube® Dewatering Technology

Application:   Municipal

Location:       Georgia

Installation:   2002


The Challenge:

In advance of structural modification to the system's primary and secondary digesters, 400,000 gallons of anaerobically digested sludge needed to be removed from these digesters.  Sand drying beds alone could not handle this volume in a timely manner.

The Solution:

The facility had seven sand drying beds available for staging the dewatering operation.  Geotube® units (measuring 45' circumference x 100' long) were placed in six of the sand drying beds to provide the needed capacity quickly and cost-effectively [photos 1-2].  The additional drying bed capacity allowed the plant operator to empty the digesters in the shortest amount of time.  The project also incorporated a polymer system for the dewatering containers that consisted of a metering pump, an inline static mixer, and a floc manifold [photo 3].

The Results:

The dewatering operation was so efficient that the plant operator had to install a sump pump to remove the effluent until the underdrain of the sand bed could handle the volume [photo 4].  The Geotube® units also provided storage for the dewatered sludge until the material could be removed [photo 5].