Fox River Cleanup


Product:         Geotube® Dewatering Technology

Application:   Marine Remediation

Location:       Wisconsin

Installation:   2004-2006


The Challenge:

Removal of 750,000 to 1 million cubic yards of PCB contaminated river and lake sediments that were generated from a concentration of paper mills along the entire length of the lower Fox River.         

The Solution:

In the initial trial, 60' circumference GT500 Geotube® Dewatering Containers were used to contain, dewater, and remove the first 20,000 cubic yards of contaminated sediments from Little Lake Butte des Morts.  The Geotube® dewatering process was so effective in PCB removal and dewatering (achieving more than 50% solids) that it was selected for the full-scale project.

To date, we have successfully dewatered and treated 250,000 cubic yards of PCB contaminated material for removal.  The Geotube® units kept pace with the dredge pumping more than 2,000 gpm, and the dewatered sediments have averaged 50% total solids.  The project is generating considerable savings over traditional methods of dewatering (for example, $100 less per cubic yard during the pilot phase.)

Project Highlights:

  • Lay down area is shown [photos 4 and 5] during the site preparation for the Geotube®  units' installation.
  • During the project operation, a special 8-inch swinging ladder cutter head dredge without cables was used to dredge sediments.  This allowed pleasure boat traffic to use the river.  [Dredge is shown on the right in photo 6.]
  • A HDPE lined dewatering cell with an 18" aggregate drainage layer was installed to collect all of the effluent water from the Geotube® containers.  [See image 7.]
  • Geotube® containers were stacked three and four layers high within the dewatering cell.  [See photos 1 and 9.]

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